Investigation (Module 3)

Provides teachers with an opportunity to ask questions related to the Exploration module, further examine outcomes, concepts, and strategies, and plan for implementation. Teachers actively engage with the new content, pedagogy and resources. This module is facilitated by curriculum leaders, usually in a larger group setting, early in the school year of implementation. Participants continue to engage as colleagues within a professional learning community focused on increasing knowledge and refining skills.

It is important to note that with any professional learning designed within the guiding principles framework, the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for success does not end after the completion of one, two, or three sessions. Rather, teachers continue to evolve and hone their skills over the duration of their teaching careers. No longer is there one recipe or one prescription for every teacher. Sustained and substantial professional learning will grow and change as our education system evolves. There is great potential for the school system as a whole to continue to build the collective capacity necessary for more focused teacher learning, and for lasting success.